Honda Dream c125 2014

Price : 1900$

The new Dream 125 brings together Honda’s advanced, efficient four stroke technology as well as the economy and durability. This bike is great for commuting, as the saddle is very comfortable, and the bigger tires do give a fantastic grip that matches the driver’s preference. The automatic centrifugal clutch improves the fuel efficiency and Dream 125 is, no doubt, the fruit of the company’s aspiration to manufacture machines that improve the quality of our daily life.
Honda dream 2014 is the new technology released in 2014 via NCX Honda. There are new style front and back lamp
Fuel: 65 km per 1L
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Promotion video from Honda NCX


Honda Dream c125 2014
  • Engine type        Gasoline 4storke single Air cooled
  • Displacement    124.9cm3 (7.62 cu-in)
  • Net Power (out put/rpm)            6.7kw/7,500rpm
  • Torque (Torque/rpm)    9.9Nm/5,000rpm
  • Air Filter               Paper filter
  • Caburetor           Piston valve type 18mm (0.71 in)
  • Starting system Kickstarter with electric starter motor
  • Transmission      Constant mesh, 4-speed
  • Gear Shift Pattern           Left foot operate return system
  • Ignition Constant Discharged Ignition (CDI)
  • Battery 12V-3.5Ah
  • Clutch   Multi-plate, wet
  • Head Lamp         Alternator
  • Cerb Weight       101.9kg (224.6 lbs)
  • Dimensions (L x W x H)  1,867mm (73.5 in) x 702mm (27.6 in) x 1,049mm (41.3 in)
  • Wheel base        1,199mm (47.2 in)
  • Ground Clearance           135mm (5.3 in)
  • Fuel Tank capacity           4.0 liter
  • Suspension         Front     Telescopic fork
  • Rear       Swingarm
  • Tyre Type            Front     80.5mm (3.17 in)
  • Rear       68.3mm (2.69 in)
  • Tyre       Front     60/100-17 33P, 60/100-17 M/C 33P
  • Rear       70/100-17 40P, 70/100-17 M/C 40P
  • Brake    Front     Mechanical leading trailing
  • Rear       Mechanical leading trailing
  • Seat height         745mm (29.3 in)

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