Honda Dream 2015

Price: $1850

The new Dream 125 brings together Honda’s advanced, efficient four stroke technology as well as the economy and durability. This bike is great for commuting, as the saddle is very comfortable, and the bigger tires do give a fantastic grip that matches the driver’s preference. The automatic centrifugal clutch improves the fuel efficiency and Dream 125 is, no doubt, the fruit of the company’s aspiration to manufacture machines that improve the quality of our daily life.

  • New design! Update attract with such a huge symbol Dream 3D emerging prominence really beautiful and worth it.

  • Fixtures suit back ends and electrical light distant shining clear increase safe driving.

  • Premium Sliver and style with Honda badges and Logo NCX emerged restyled silver.

  • Stylish new design surface meter silver cell hazel beautiful bright role romance tube design with new symbol Dream emerge clean, very attractive and safe heat protective cover.

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